Construction Stages of a Swimming Pool

A properly constructed pool in Central Texas will take about 12 weeks to complete from the signing of the contract. There are several elements that can add additional time such as weather, hard dig into rock layers.

We work with some of the best and reliable craftsmen in the industry and one of the principle’s in Artistry in Water is always at the job site at every stage of the construction. This ensures proper and timely construction and enables us to provide the homeowner with a lifetime warranty.

Contract: Once a decision has been made to build the pool, the first step is to sign the contract and finalize the design and choose the options.

Permitting: The permitting process in Central Texas can take anywhere from a week to 6 weeks depending upon where the property is located, impervious cover, natural vegetation and trees that may be impacted, easements and right of ways, and ofcourse the backlog at the municipal offices.

Locate: Once the permit has been issued, all major utility lines are located, easements and right of ways are marked off with colored flags.

Layout: The Artistry in Water crew will layout the shape of the pool using stakes and markers providing a guideline for the excavation crew to follow.

Dig: Once the layout has been completed another crew with heavy equipment will dig the site following the layout of the pool and the engineering drawings. Any necessary demolition is performed at this stage, including removal of fences and landscaping for equipment access. Fences and landscaping vegetation are replaced upon job completion.

Steel: Upon completion of the excavation, a crew will install double walled reinforcing rebar in the shape of the pool and the spa.  At this stage we also perform the necessary electrical and plumbing setup before the initial inspection by the municipality. Inspections are normally done within 2 days of being notified.

Gunite: Upon confirmation of an approved shell inspection the Gunite company is notified for scheduling. This can anywhere from 1 to 5 days to schedule. Once the gunite is sprayed, it will take 1 to 2 weeks to cure.

Once the gunite has been sprayed the excess dirt is piled up around the pool and is backfilled around the shell to level out the yard.

Plumbing: Trenches are dug manually or with an excavator. The underground plumbing will be laid and pressure tested.

Tile and Masonry: The tile of your choice will be installed on the inside perimeter of the pool shell and spa. This is also where customized features of the swimming pool are added. These are waterfalls, fountains, rock sculptures.

Decking: Decking preparation takes 2 weeks and the decking installation takes another week. Once this phase is complete, along with the installation of any safety features such as fences, alarms, the outdoor area will typically undergo another inspection. Upon confirmation of an approved deck inspection, the concrete contractor is scheduled and poured.

Interior Finish and Plastering: The time it takes to for the interior to be completed depends upon the finish that has been selected.

Electrician: Once the pool equipment has been installed, a licensed electrical will provide the final hookup. This is one stage of the pool construction that requires someone be t the home in case the electrician needs access to inside the house.

Fill and Tidying Up: Once the construction has been completed and you are 100% satisfied with the backyard living space, you can start to fill the pool and spa. During the 2 weeks that it takes to properly balance the chemicals, we will use this time for clean up and tying any loose ends.

Pool School: We teach you how to care and manage your new pool. Written instructions are given to you for reference.