An award winning pool design and construction by Artistry in Water


A gunite pool designed and constructed for your site by Artistry in Water has a lot to offer your family and friends year round. Other than providing a lifetime warranty on the construction of the pool shell, the gunite pool is very durable and smooth to the touch. This mixture is applied to the surface in order to bond tightly to the steel rebar framework.

Gunite pools can be created in any shape – rectangular, circular, free form. The homeowner and the design team at Artistry in Water work together to decide what will be right for them based upon personal preferences and site specifics. For example,  a sloped backyard, impervious cover restrictions,  right of ways, property access and city/HOA restrictions may limit the room for a rectangular pool, but would have room for a free form shape.

Gunite pools look great by themselves but a homeowner can really dress them up. We can add waterfalls, fountains, stools, splash areas, negative edge.

Maybe you want to add beauty to your backyard with planters designed around the pool to give it a unique and calming appearance.

These add appeal and beauty to the pool and the area around it, and give hours of entertainment to those who use it.

Gunite pools can have a variety of finishes on them. Plaster finishes come in a variety of colors to coordinate with your home and rest of your backyard scheme. No need to go with the standard white if you don’t wish to, although many homeowners prefer the classic look of it.

Tiles and native stone can offer a highly customized look since both colors and the pattern can be chosen by the homeowner. Tiles are built to last and only require regular cleaning and occasional re-grouting to maintain them. We scour the area quarries to search for the suitable durable local stone which provides the unique colors and customization for the pool.

Artistry in Water will also size and select the pool cleaning and heating equipment for the homeowner. This based upon our industry experience and reputation of the equipment vendors for durability and warranty. Thus providing you with minimal maintenance, endless hours of enjoyment throughout the year.